Romina Gabrielli (textile designer by the University of Buenos Aires) combines the use of fibers and natural dyes, with ancient and experimental methods, emphasizing his penchant for handmade textiles with a clear natural inspiration and his predilection for natural dyeing techniques as Shibori or Ecoprints.

Creator of handcrafted mannequins and other stands for the exhibition of ancient and modern costumes (Museum of Costume in Madrid), now cultivates a textile concept based on a reinterpretation of traditional techniques and a deep knowledge of natural raw materials as a vehicle of expression, guided by the emotional dimension of color.

His multiple collaborations and joint projects with companies like Lehandmade, La Casita de Wendy, Perfect Days or Agony Books, realize the restless and open character of this lover of Slow Textiles


New Concept EcoDesigner

Antonio Fdez. de Molina (Agroecologist by the International University of Andalusia), is a natural dyer and a passionate of the ancestral knowledges. He search for the possibilities to produce sustainable textiles and paintings by means of incorporating responsible criteria concerning with ethics, economics and ecology.

Specialized in natural dyes, Shibori and in hand spinning, has found in rural life inspired by the Slow Culture, the ideal context for growing and harvesting dyeing plants, rescue traditional crafts and develop recipes to obtain Natural Colours for responsible consumption.

His background in ecology, ecological economics, participatory democracies and alternative pedagogies, guided by a deep desire to move towards a healthy, just and humane world, take him now to apply the principles of the sustainability to the field of Responsible Consumption.


Devotee of Sustainability

In the responsibly produced fibers and colors, we are fortunate to have found the best way to live in contact with Nature, fully develop our professions, and contribute –at our scale– towards a more sustainable world!


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