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We support the welfare of the local farmers as well as their organizations with special to the poorest countries, which means fair fees destined to invest in projects aimed at rural development, financial support to local producers and fair working conditions.

We rely on the Global Organic Textile Standard: leading standard for the processing of organic textiles, to guarantee ecological and social commitment, ecological agriculture and livestock, health of consumers, care of workers conditions and respect of animals rights.

We use local varieties of organic cotton in the natural color of the fiber, being its quality and origin supported by prestigious certificates like Fairtrade and Eko Sustainable Textile (ecological processed natural fibers) as a guarantee of organic and well done production.


Rain Forest Alliance"

«Bosques Tropicales»


«Cultura del reciclaje»


«Gestión Forestal Responsable»


We support the native families of Tropical Forests, whose farms meet the standards of the Sustainable Agriculture Network. A guarantee of compliance with sustainable management, traceability and welfare of local communities and wildlife.

In our hands is to combat the deterioration of the planet by reducing our consumption levels, reusing discharged but useful objects, and recycling as muchs as possible. So following this logical order: reduce, reuse and recycle!

Aware of the ecological role of the forests, our packaging is made with organic certified paper in the form of chain of custody. A guarantee of responsible production and a simple way to contribute with the conservation of our forests.

This certificates are a way to ensure that the raw materials we use have been produced according to ecological and ethical criteria, thus allowing us to develop with coherence our conception of Slow Textiles.


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