Small is beautifull

Lo pequeño es hermoso

Nature´s guidence

Sabia Naturaleza

Slow thinking

Eco Tempo

We are inspired by the idea that "small is beautiful", which leads us to adopt a natural way of life, to believe on the benefits of the small scale economies, and to build up fair working relationships and collaborative dynamics with other artisans and local projects.

The search for alternatives to the petrochemicals which sustain the model of the throwaway society, motivates us to explore the possibilities offered by the Nature to provide us healthy and marvellous fibers and colors for a Responsible & Conscious Consumption.

Working with natural raw materials and to live in the mountains guided by the principles of a slow life style, leads us to understand the creativity as a way of connecting with the territory, recover ancient crafts, and flow with the eco-tempo and our deepest ancestral intuition.

We have found in the Slow Culture a way of doing things befitting with a calm lifestyle, that allows us to develop our professions and unleash our creativity in full contact with nature.


Romi & Ato

Valle del Lozoya

28743 Madrid (Spain)

Romi: 676 01 82 62

Ato: 661 37 43 79

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