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«Do It Yourself & Do It Slow»


«RethINK your colors»!


«Slow Textiles Concept»

Far beyond the "Do It Yourself", we work to recover and value the Natural Dyes & Fibers to produce responsible and healthy textiles, not only by developing the abilities to create our own goods, but for the need to reflect about the processes, origin, traceability, ethics and ecology of the materials and equipments that we use for carding, dyeing, spinning, weaving or knitting.

Our tribute to the natural colors as an alternative to petrochemical-based colors that have flooded our lives: textiles, paintings, fine arts, construction, food, cosmetics... Succumbs to the charms of the bio-colors and come with us to share the benefits of the renewable colors as a source of creativity and popular wisdom, that integrates ecology, aesthetics, harmony and health.

Our devotion to sustainability leads us to believe on the potentials and benefits of the Natural Dyes & Fibers (produced in a responsible way) and to emphasize the need of creating fair and healthy textiles. A project based on the recovery of forgotten crafts, that works to develop original and timeless styles, considering the traceability as a consumer right.

Three interrelated projects with strong local roots, based on the potential of Nature to provide us renewable resources to create sustainable, healthy, harmonious and enduring colors and textiles.


Romi & Ato

Valle del Lozoya

28743 Madrid (Spain)

Romi: 676 01 82 62

Ato: 661 37 43 79

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